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Q : What is the forex?
Q : When is the forex market open?
Q : How much money do I need to trade the forex?
Q : How leverage is used in Forex?
Q : Why use FX-SMS Signals?
Q : How do you send signals?
Q : What do your signals look like?

What is the forex?
The forex market is a market in which buyers and sellers trade currency speculation. The forex market trades trillions of dollars everyday.
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When is the forex market open?
This is a big difference with Stocks and other financial markets. The forex market runs around the world from Australia, Japan, Dubai, Europe, London, and USA, so opens around 7:00 pm EST on Sunday and runs 24 hours a day until Friday at 4:00 pm EST.
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How much money do I need to trade the forex?
Forex can be traded on demo, or on very small accounts from U$ 200. But it make absolutely no sense to trade a U$ 200 account with a pip value of U$ 1... just a 100 pips drawdown and your account will be gone!! To trade our signals profitably we recommend to have at least U$ 3000 in your account.
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How leverage is used in Forex?
Leverage is a knife of 2 sides, and normally pointing against you. Brokers will offer you 100, 200, 400 or even 500 times leverage, just to take 100% of your money. You don’t need to use any kind of that high leverage to make real money in forex, in fact if you leverage goes beyond 10x you will be probably in danger.
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Why use FX-SMS Signals?
Here are the top 5 reasons you should use FX-SMS Signals?
1.PROFITABILITY - We won all months on this year, and so far we have only  5 losing weeks.
2.FREEDOM & STRESS LESS – Average of 6 signals per month only! Enjoy your life AND your money!

3. SIGNAL UPDATES - We sent you a SMS whenever a trade opens or is modified, so you do not need to guess what is happening.
3. HONESTY – Our results are 100% real time and true. On July 27, 2009 we established a MT4 PUBLIC STATS account (that will start to work on August 1st) so anyone anywhere can confirm our results:
4. SIMPLE – No second interpretations. All trades have specific stop losses, and targets. What we get you will get.
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How do you send signals?
All signals are sent via SMS to your indicate Mobil Phone. We also send a duplicate backup signal to your registered email. We send signals under these circumstances: when there is a buy/sell signal, if the order is modified, and if the order needs to be closed at a different value that the originally stated.
NOTE: Your wireless carrier provider may charge a fee for SMS Messages. It is important to check with your carrier for all charges. Charges will NOT be covered by FX-SMS Signals.
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What do your signals look like?

Each trade will be sent by a SMS:
NEW ORDER - SELL EUR/USD @ 1.3600, SL @ 1.3650, TP @ 1.3550
If the order is changed, whatever is in the "<>" has been changed:
ORDER UPDATE - SELL EUR/USD @ 1.3600, <SL @ 1.3600, TP 1.3500>

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Who should use your service?
We believe that anyone should use our service. We have customers from the 100% novice traders to well seasoned professionals.
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What conditions apply?

Subscribing you are agreeing to the following:
All subscription payments are non-refundable. FX-SMS Signals will continue to provide the service for the agreed period, but no refund is allowed once subscription for a specific period has been agreed upon and paid for by the users. Subscriptions are recurring Payments and need to be canceled prior to renewal date, if the client so chooses to.

Using our signals you are fully agreeing not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit for any commercial purposes, any of our signals, that are exclusively for private use in your own account. In the event sufficient evidence is collected by FX-SMS which merits a discontinuance of our service due to reproduction, duplication, copying, selling, reselling, exploiting, or any unauthorized transmission of our service for commercial purposes shall be deemed reasonable for immediate termination of the service and legal damages.



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